PopAds Kya Hai?? Aur PopAds Network Sites se paise kaise kamaye?


Friends, Popads are the best advertising network to earn money online
  If you have a blog or website
  So you can earn thousands of money from popads ads website
  Just for this, your blog or website should have a lot of traffic
  Friends, if you do not have a blog or website then you can create a website for free and then place popads ads on your blog or website.

Popads ads Network is the best ads network because you can earn good on low traffic too many new bloggers who can not get approval from google adsense, so that new blogs like Popads site can place ads on your blog and these 100 % is trusted ads network. So let's know

  • What is PopAds?
  • How to make Money from PopAds?
  • How to Create PopAds Account?

What is PopAds?

Popads is an advertising advertisements network that takes advertisements from their advertiser and gives them money to show ads to their publisher on their blog or website when we take popads in our blog, then if a visitor visits our blog So pop up ads is displayed and the visitor automatically gets redirected to the new tab, in return for which the popads pay us.

What is the Popads ads Network site - what is it?
It is very easy to use popads ads, many bloggers who do not get approval from adsense, they use popads network.

1. You can easily get approval from Popads, for this you do not have to buy domain separately, you can use free domain like Abc.blogspot.com.

2. Popsads ka payment system is very small and can transfer to your bank when your 5 $ is complete.

3. Popads give you the opportunity to show ads on low traffic. That is, traffic does not matter to your blog.

4. With Popads Network, you can earn money in two ways by placing it on a popads blog and by secondly ads codesrefer.

5. If you have 5 dollars in the Popads account, you can transfer it to your bank account via Paypal.

There are many more friends in the Popads ads network, which is why you can use popads ads network.

Why is the Popads Network Site Accepted?
Step 1
Here you have to fill all your information correctly - do not make any mistakes in filing details.
1. Click here to register first.
2. Now a new page will open in front of you.
Enter the username here
4. Now enter your email id.
5. Interface the same email id again.
6. Now Country select.
7. Enter the strong password here.
8. Interact the same password again.
9. Now enter your first name.
10. Enter your last name here.
11. Now enter your mobile number.
12. Tick the term and condition.
13. I am going to solve the recaptcha by clicking on a robot.
14. Click on Register in the last.
As soon as you register, there will be a mail on your email. There will be a link in that message, click that link, now you have become an account.

Step 2
Now here you have to submit the URL of your blog or website to place ads on the website.

1. Click New Website.
2. Enter the name of your website.
3. Enter the URL of the website here.
4. Write something related to your website in Descripion here.
5. Select the category accordingly.
6. Now click on Add Website.
After submitting the site, your site will get approval within 24 hours, however, Popads get more approval if you do not get the approval, then select and submit it from the new category.

How to generate popads ads?

1. To generate popads ads, click on Code Generator.
2. Now click on generate code.
3. Copy the code that will be created in front of you.
How to Add Popads Code to a Blog or Website?
First, go to your blog and open the html editor of the template / theme section of the blog and paste it below <head> and save it in the last.
And then go to the pop ad site to get the verification done.

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