Paise Kaise Kamaye Ghar Baithe 5 Aasan Tarika

5 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online from Home, Paise Kaise Kamaye Ghar Baithe 5 Aasan Tarika - aaj kal har koee paise kamaana chaahata hai phir chaahe vo skool,kolej jaana vaala 15 saal ka ladaka ho ya koee 60 saal ka buzurg ya koee housaiwifai kyonki vo apanee zaroorato ko poora karana chaahate hai zindagee mein kuchh bhee karane ke lie paison kee zaroorat sabhee ko padatee hai.

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Internet par aise bahut se tareeke hai jinase onlinai ghar baithai paisai kamayai ja sakate hai jaise ke waibsitai/blog,onlinai businaiss, affiliatai markaiting, ya phir youtubai,aadi.

ab aap soch rahe honge ke kya sach me onlinai paisai kamayai ya onlinai ghar baithai paisai kaisai kamayai ja sakate hain to main aapako bata deta hoon ke aaj duniya me aise laakho log mojood hai jo ghar baithe aaraam se paise kama rahe hai.

na unako kahee baahar jaane kee zaroorat hai aur na kisee ke undair mein kaam karane kee vo apanee marzee ke khud hee maalik hote hai.

aaj is artichlai mein aapako main onlinai ghar baithai paisai kaisai kamayai bataoonga jise kisee bhee agai vaala aasaanee se pholo kar sakata hai phir chaahe vo 70 saal ka koee raitiraid pairson ho koee housaiwifai.

jitane bhee tareeke main aapako bataoonga vo sabhee trustaid hai koee bhee tareeka kisee tarah ka koee scham nahee hai.
kyonki internet par zyaadaatar log jaldee paise kamaane ke laalach mein schams ke chakkar me phans jaate hai. yaad rakhe ke agar aapake paas koee talaint hai to phir aapako onlinai ghar baithai paisai kamanai se koee nahee rok sakata hai aap aasaanee se paise kama sakate hai..
Make Money Online. Paise kamaye
Top 5 Ways to Make Money

Online ghar baithai paisai kaisai kamayai?

to chalie shuroo karate hai ab main aapako ghar baithai paisai kamanai ke kuchh tareeke bataata ho jisase aap achchhe paise kama sakate hai vaise to onlinai paisai kamanai ke bahut saare tareeke hai lekin mainne aapako kuchh poupular aur trustaid tareeke bataaye hai.

1. Blogging Se Paise Kamaye:

Blogging is the 1st number in our list so that easily you can go to Online Ghar Baithe Paise Kamaye if you have any talent or you are expert in something like cooking, technology, etc.
Then you can create your own blog and write articles on it. There are many ways to earn money from blogging. I am telling you some best ways below which you can easily earn money:

● Google Adsense:
Online is a company that can earn a lot of money by placing ads on your website / blog, but the company that pays the most money is Google Adsense.
All you have to do is sign up in Adsense and copy the ads from adsense to your blog and whenever you click on your ads, you will get the money.

● Sponsorship:
When your blog starts becoming popular, then companies tell you to review your product, in exchange for which I also offer you a lot of money.
You get a review of the same type of product your blog belongs to.

● Affiliate Marketing:
It simply means selling someone else's product on your site, in exchange for which seller gives you a commission, you can make good money by selling big companies products like flipkart, amazon.

2.Youtube Par Video Upload Krke Paise Kamaye:

Youtube is used by all of us but you have thought that you can also go Paise Kamaye through youtube.
Rather, youtube is the easiest and best way of Ghar Baithe Paise Kamane where you can only earn videos up to millions of rupees by uploading videos. There are thousands of people in India who consider youtube as your full time income source.

You have seen a lot of videos on youtube before the commencement of which is displayed in front of you a few seconds advertisements which if you see or click on it, then the person who has uploaded that video gets money.

Youtube Se Paise Kamane requires you to create a new channel and then you will have to upload videos on that channel, which you can monetize on your videos and make money from your videos and if you want Flipkart can also earn money by selling amazon products.

3. Affiliate Marketing (Make Money by Selling Flipkart, Amazon, etc.):

If you want to start online Kamaye, Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways for this you do not have to put any money on it and you can earn money by using your blog or social media platform like facebook, twitter, etc.

Under Affiliate Marketing, you have to sell other websites' products, in exchange for those websites you commission.

All major websites of e-commerce such as flipkart, amazon, ebay, etc have given their own affiliate program for everyone, by joining you to an affiliate link of products.
The link through which if a person buys the product, you get a few percent commission and you can share affiliate links with your blog, facebook, whatsapp, etc.

4. Freelancer Bankar Ghar Baithe Paise Kamaye:

If you are an expert in a good programmer, designer, marketer, or anything else then you can earn a lot of money too. You also do not have to leave the house to become a freelancer.

You can do all the work while sitting at home, even if you have any skills under freelancing, you get related projects with your skills as if you are a programmer and if you want to have someone programmed then that person will do your job To which I give it your money instead, it is called freelancing itself.

If you have any talent inside you then you can also earn a lot of money through freelancing.

To do the job of freelancing you will find many websites where both buyer and freelancer can interact with each other.

Some popular websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Truelancer, etc help you to get the job of freelancing.

5. Photo Sell Karke Paise Kamaye:

You will feel a bit awkward to hear this but do you know that you can also go to Paise Kamaye by selling your photos, if you do not know this, then I will let you know.
You can also earn good money by selling your clicked photos and there are many sites on the internet that are ready to buy your clicked photos.
Just have to search sites like shutterstock and upload your photos to these sites. Then after that if anyone likes your photo and wants to use it then for that, he will have to give you royalty so that you will get the money.

So friends, I have told you some ways of online Ghar Baithe Paise Kaise Kamaye, Ghar Baithe Paise Kamane, I hope you would like this information and now you will also start making money sitting at home.

If you want more information about Online Ghar Baithe Paise Kaise Kamaye or you want to ask something else, then you can ask us by commenting in the Comment box below. I will do my best to solve your problem.

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